KUBIX Overview

Kubix , the state-of-the-art ERP solutions for the natural stone industry like Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Monuments and others . We understand the problems faced by you in your day-to-day business operations. With the objective of addressing your pain areas we focused our expertise for more than 14 years in developing and enhancing the KUBIX range of ERP solutions. Kubix is a ERP solution is ideal stone mining,Slab & Tiles processing units,Monuments managements,cutter units,Export trading and domestic retailers. In addition to your back-office application, Kubix line of products will assist in your production, planning, scheduling and enhance your profit and growth.So far, Kubix Stone have created success stories with industry giants and provided consultancy and management services to over 40 companies, which includes global players as well as mid-market companies.


KUBIX Stone is designed for stone mining/manufacturing/processing companies.Kubix would suite all kinds of stone manufacturers like slabs/tiles/monuments.This is an exhaustive package for stone manufacturing to export documentation management.KUBIX Stone is an integratd enterprise wide back office application devised to capture the key data assets of the Stone industry with the objective to derive the benefits of the information available .

Multiple Location Integration  |  Anytime Anywhere Access   |   End to End Integration Of All Departments   |  Extensive Range of analytics & reporting   |

KUBIX  Kuick

Kubix kuick is specially designed and developed for Trading companies, be it domestic trading or an expert house involved in merchandise of Granite and Marble Block,Sales,Tiles,mounements or antiques.having served the stone industry for more than a decade We accurately understand the unique nature of stone trading.Conventional trading business follw "stock and sell"concept which rarely occurs in the stone trading business.to know more contact us.

custom developed uniquely for stone trading   |   multiple sales office integration   |   Multiple Location sourcing integration   |  Anytime Anywhere Access  |


Kubix Lite is an on demand software with Instant On.Access to instant application availability reduces the cycle time to run and avioding to deploy in the systems. It is cost effective as the installation cost is zero and its just click and access internet browser based solution.The complete package becomes advantages in the long run as it requires only subscription licenses and hence near zero software capital cost.To know more contact us.

zero capital cost and implementation period  |  instant access-live from day one   |   demand based subscription   |  Anytime Anywhere Access   |